TenneT Virtual Vision

TenneT Virtual Vision

ClientTenneT TSO GmbH 
Number of employees 3.040
Investment volume   25 Mrd. € (2017-2027)
Line of businessTransmission system operator

Brandspace experience

In the heart of Berlin, linked to the company’s capital city offices, TenneT Virtual Vision has created a completely new, mixed-reality world of experience that offers unique and interactive insights into the work and the future challenges of a European transmission system operator. 

A triad of didactics, design and technology

As a three-dimensional manifestation of a holistic communication concept, TenneT Virtual Vision Berlin sets new standards in corporate and stakeholder communication.

From the idea to the opening

TenneT Virtual Vision Berlin was realised in just 11 months from the initial idea to its opening, from the content-based elaboration of the exhibition concept to the creation and production of the relevant content and the didactic translation into architecture and space.

As the leader of a bidder consortium together with VR Bits GmbH of Leipzig and our partners Golden Gate and Atelier Dominique Beolet of Munich, our agency led the way within the sphere of responsibility for the entire project. Larssonarchitekten of Berlin (architects) was the company commissioned for structural planning and development. In addition to the conceptual and substantive tasks, we were fully responsible for the coordination and joint approval of all the project participants, right up to the turnkey delivery.

The world of TenneT – interactively comprehensible

Accompanied by Mr. T, an interactive virtual host who floats in space, visitors experience the world of electricity and the future of energy up close, on a floor space of 260 square metres. 

A futuristic motion-graphic painting, which interprets electricity and big data in a completely new way, runs in a continuous loop on an 84-inch, 4K monitor with directional sound. 

Complex topics made understandable

Visitors can experience the difficulties of transmission line planning in an enjoyable way, using a ‘gamification’ approach conceived by us in-house. Up to four players are faced with the task of planning a route through a fictitious geographical environment on a multitouch table with object recognition – and they also must take costs, time and citizens’ objections into account at the same time.

8K multimedia and live data

The control centre of a transmission system operator is simulated on a large monitor wall consisting of 8 seamlessly-connected monitors. Visitors receive live data from the electricity network and they can also select individual films via a programmed touchscreen monitor.

Imagefilm SuedLink

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SuedLink - die Windstromleitung

Mix of animation and film

Cutting-edge film formats display important development paths for the future, such as the increased use of data for the improved prediction of electricity generation and consumption, and the development of decentralised flexibility to stabilise the power grid.

We were responsible for the production of all film formats at TenneT Virtual Vision. From content and visual conception to production and post-production.

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Mobile sensor data 3:43

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Film: Blockchain 2:54

Making the future visible

Visitors are transported into the energy supply of the future by means of state-of-the-art, augmented reality technology. The experiences can be viewed from all sides, while audio playback systems provide running commentaries.

Storytelling with virtual reality

When our visitors put on a pair of virtual reality glasses, they are instantly teleported to the offshore converter platform HelWin alpha. They experience the flight approach to the platform ‘live’ and can look around in various power transformer rooms – and if they’re brave enough, they can even take a close look at the raging sea!

This immersive experience is supported by ground bass shakers and by individually-controlled air currents that add physical effects to the visual experience.

180° cinema and multi-functional presentation room

At the end of the exhibition, visitors are shown a 180° video projection. This room has also been designed to host multi-functional presentations.

The opening

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Stimmen und Impressionen 5:22